3 – The Visits [The Explorer's Guide]

February 19th, 2021

Every trip has curves, every road has stones, but you know that the time has come, go out into the street with enough energy to reach your destination ... your treasure is waiting for you.

This is the critical moment of the exploration process, since, in a visit (perhaps more than one) of approximately 15 minutes, you have to decide if this is the apartment you want to see yourself living in. It is important to try to solve the doubts that the apartment may raise or those that refer to the process. 

Before arranging a visit, check that your profile is the one the owner is looking for.

In order to have more margin to make visits, try that the people who are going to live in the apartment can make the visit together. 

Even come to an agreement with your work company so that it allows you to have a certain margin of maneuver and to be able to make visits to the apartments during working hours, which will give you more options. If you like the apartment and you have to arrange a second or third visit, it is likely that they will get ahead of you.

When requesting a visit, you should ask what type of profile the owner is looking for to see if it fits your profile, and what economic requirements the owner asks for.

Once you are on a visit you have to be clear about what information you should ask:

 - Payments to be made

We will expand this information below:

- Supplies discharged

- Look closely at all the details, maybe on a second visit.

- If there is a gas installation or it is all-electric.

- Orientation of the apartment concerning the sun-natural light. It is important to differentiate the amount of natural light as opposed to having direct sun (more sensation of heat in summer).

- Type of ventilation, if it is a flat with more or less ventilation.

- If you have furniture, take the measurements of your furniture that you want to keep and take a meter to the visit.


They usually ask that the income be three times greater than the monthly rent of the apartment, that is, if the apartment is worth € 1,000, the income of the people who are going to enter the apartment is a total of € 3,000.

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