4 – The Decision [The Explorer's Guide]

March 15th, 2021

Face the worst of enemies: your doubts. Trust yourself, your allies, and if you finally have it clear, you go for it without fear. Remember: you are not the only explorer.

This is the most decisive part of the process. If you liked the apartment, send the documentation quickly and stay available to solve any questions that may arise for the property. Sending the documentation does not imply any commitement. Request a second visit, if possible, to confirm your decision.

Did you like the flat? Well, now is when you don't have to waste time. Remember that in Barcelona there is low supply and high demand. Normally the commercial will have provided you with an email to send the documentation, and if we have it prepared and saved in a draft, we just have to put the address of the apartment in the subject, and click the send button!

This is important, since, if you liked the apartment, surely the rest of the visits that there have been also liked it.  And, if, at this moment, you lose two or three days in gathering the documentation that we have mentioned before, you will surely arrive late.

Sending documentation does not commit to anything and real estate companies have a legal obligation to make good use of the documentation sent, as well as its corresponding destruction.


We recommend that once the documentation is sent, you call within a few hours to verify its correct reception, if you need any more documentation or to know how the selection status of future tenants is going. Go calling periodically if the process lasts more than 3 days, so they can see that you are still interested (if so) and they will keep you in mind.

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