5 – The Waiting [The Explorer's Guide]

March 16th, 2021

Nobody likes waiting, it generates uncertainty, but there is no other choice, if you have played your cards well you will have many options.

During this process, honestly, you can do little. Remain available and attentive to possible questions from the property, and show interest periodically. We recommend that during this period, do not stop looking for an apartment in case the property does not agree to rent it to you.

The tenant selection process is different for each flat and the last word belongs to the property, but if we have done our homework and asked the profile that the owners are looking for, we will pass the first screen. If we do not meet the requirements, it is better not to go see the apartment to avoid, as we have already mentioned, an unnecessary loss of energy. This is when the cover letter is important, because even though we meet the qualifications the owner is looking for, there may be more candidates who also meet them, and a good cover letter with as much information about us will win us. points.


We recommend that, even if you have sent some documentation for an apartment, do not stop searching and visiting apartments until the end of the process, since opportunities are sometimes lost due to being passive during the selection of tenants. The biggest problem you can find is that you like two flats (blessed problem !!)

The tenant selection process has two ends: Whether the property has chosen you or not. If not, there is no problem! Remember that you were still looking for a flat. If it is you who has been chosen, we are already in the next step of the process.

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