The Explorer's Guide [first steps]

November 21st, 2020

Have you started looking for a rental apartment in Barcelona, or are you preparing to start doing it? If the answer is positive, this guide can help you make the process easier ... Let's start!

Due to the growing demand in Barcelona and the shortage of supply, the process of finding a rental apartment can become a very stressful task, but not impossible, and with this guide, we want to facilitate this process, which we will divide into 6 Steps.


Every adventure starts in your head, if you want to be successful on your journey, plan your path, ponder your options, and be clear about your priorities.

In order to start looking for a flat, you must be clear about what type of flat you are looking for, what budget you have and in what area you are looking for the flat. Prepare all the documentation that is usually required by the property to verify the socioeconomic data.

In any project, the first thing to do is a good analysis of the situation to establish the path. This first step is one of the most significant, since it will avoid you wasting time and spending energy unnecessarily. For this you must be clear about three things:

1 – ¿What type of flat are you looking for?

2 – ¿What budget do you have to rent?

3 –¿Which area of Barcelona or surroundings are you looking for?

Answering these three questions is the first step to start looking for a flat. The broader your search criteria, the easier it will be for you to find a flat. We also recommend that the requirements be according to the market to avoid frustrations during the process.

It is also important to know the rush you have to find a flat. If you need a flat in a month, this process will have to be faster and therefore more stressful, than if you have a longer time. The ideal logically is to have a long search period, without deadlines (end of the apartment contract where you are currently, etc.), but in life, we hardly find ideal scenarios. Therefore, if you are in a hurry the point of the process where you can cut more time is in the search since if you quickly adapt your criteria to the current market offer, it will be easier for you to access more apartments, therefore more options to visit them and more options to opt for them.

It is important that, from the beginning of the apartment search process, you have the documentation ready to be able to deliver it. You never know if the first flat will be the flat you fall in love with, therefore, we recommend avoiding frights and having it ready even before you start searching thoroughly. 

What documentation is usually requested to rent an apartment? 

Here is the list →

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