Grau offers a Real Estate experience known by its customised management and a trustworthy, honest and efficient service.

Property management

Property and Rental Management. Consulting setting up the property and thoughtful selection of tenants. We also take care of a wide range of maintenance issues and handle tenant inquiries as well as collecting rental incomes.

Property management
  • Legal management Open

    - Management and resolution of any legal procedure regarding the property

    - Compliance control of legal regulations

    - Labor management

  • Economic management Open

    - Issuance and collection of receipts

    - Late payment control: efficient monitoring of pending receipts

    - Control and payment of expenses

    - Control of increases based on contractual agreements

    - Monthly settlements

    - Tax management

    - Control and settlement of deposits

  • Maintenance Open

    - Agile incident resolution

    - Development of the property for commercialization

    - Construction and rehabilitation management

    - Maintenance roadmap throughout a full life-cycle of the property 

  • Property management Open

    - Property valuation

    - Future projects and proposals

    - Financial solutions

    - Maintenance through rapid resolution of incidents

Maintenance management

All landlords management. Advice for the conservation of the building through a maintenance plan and an agile groundworks management. Furthermore, optimising the expenses is the biggest concern of our team. Grau has several meeting rooms where meetings with owners can take place and visiting rooms which allow meetings to be held intimately and comfortably.

Maintenance management
  • Legal management Open

    - Preparation and custody of the book of minutes and book of the building

    - Legal advice on real estate issues

    - Compliance control of current legal regulations

    - Compliance control of labor regulations

    - Own work management

    - Selection of specific personnel

    - Management and prevention of occupational hazards

  • Economic management Open

    - Presentation of tax models [VAT, IRPF, 347, 184 ...]

    - Preparation budget administration

    - Liquidations fund forecast, reserve fund and spills

    - Issuance and collection of all types of receipts

  • Maintenance Open

    - Agile incident resolution

    - ITE management

    - Building improvement works management [facades, etc.]

    - Maintenance plan for property’s life cycle 

    - Study of the possibility of subsidies

Real Estate

Buying, selling and renting properties. Customized brokerage advice for sales or rental operations and reporting throughout the entire process. We work in a network of collaborators and plaintiffs database.

Real Estate
  • Sell – Marketing Advice Open

    Grau's Real Estate Agency follows an accurate process to help you successfully market your property. This process contains 5 key points:

    1. Our purpose [+ info]

    2. Property assessment [+ info]

    3. Sales plan [+ info]

    4. Investment in property enhancement [+ info]

  • Buy- Marketing Advice Open

    - Services [+info]

    - We belong to the Spanish Association of Personal Shoppers [+web]

  • Rent - Marketing Advice Open

    - Marketing Services [+info]

    - Management Services [+info]

  • Financial Advice Open

    - Brief of financing possibilities

  • Legal Advice Open

    - Compliance control of current regulations

    - Creation of contractual documents [reservations, earning, etc.]

    - Violation contract advice

    - Fiscal advice

    - Inheritance and donation advice

    - Advice for complex casualties of the property

    - Procedure for obtaining the certificate of habitability and energy certificate


Holistic consulting for all those issues related to the real estate sector: investment consulting, urban consulting, interior design and renovation consulting, and labor, tax and legal consulting.

  • Investment consulting Open

    Insight on the best product for the buyer client based on the characteristics demanded both in equity, particular or promoter.  

    - Valuation and study of the investment

    - Study to maximize benefits

    - Study to minimize risks

    Divestment Consulting

    Research of the best options for the selling client aming to obtaining the maximum benefit.

    - Valuation and study of the investment

    - Study to maximize benefits

    - Study to minimize risks

    Non-real estate investment consulting

    Proposals for non-real estate investments, proposals for investments in R&D and technology projects with significant profit margins.

    - Valuation and study of the investment

    - Study to maximize benefits

    - Study to minimize risks

  • Urban consulting Open

    Land management and marketing with an integral vision of all professional aspects. We synchronize specialists in law, architecture, and engineering to find the best way to take advantage of the soil.

  • Interior design and renovation consulting Open

    - Spatial distribution for better surface utilization

    - Moodboard and art direction

    - Benchmarking best furniture and decorative objects

    - Construction management and oversight

    - Construction work management

    - Economic management and comparative budgeting control

  • Labor consulting Open

    - Social Security registration of the organisation

    - Social Security registration of Employee 

    - Employee’s Contracts, extensions of the contracts and modifications

    - Payroll management and social insurance

    - Contract severance

    - Sick leaves

    - Preparation and submission of quarterly and annual taxes

    - Annual income and withholding certificates

  • Tax consulting Open

    - Quarterly and annual VAT settlements

    - Quarterly and annual personnel income tax settlements

    - Form 347 - Annual informative declaration of operations with third parties

    - Form 184 - Annual informative return for income over € 3,000.00

    - ITP - Property transfer tax

    - General tax advice 

  • Judicial consulting Open

    - Construction right

    - Civil liability

    - Condominium Division

    - Mortgage law

    - Registry Law

    Real estate law

    - Exclusive contracts

    - Reservations

    - Sales Mandates

    - Purchase option

    - Usufructs

    - Vital

    - Tapestry

    - Buy and sell


Insurances. All times adaptability to the needs of each client offering a wide customisation range of the policies. We scope for the best terms and conditions for each insurance taking into account a price/coverage ratio.

  • Operations Open

    - Benchmark policies based on customer needs

    - Price negotiation

    - Claims Processing

    - Receipt Management

    - Compensation management

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